Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tolerating Old Cows, Or Not?

Here are the cows at Bahulaban resting in tree shade during the heat of midday. They are so peaceful. They are pretty much all cows and oxen 15 years or older. Which is old for a cow, especially in a slaughter based economy such as the USA and most “developed” countries Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of cows that old in the state of West Virginia are in this picture, or just out of camera view. You can click on the picture to see it bigger; most pictures I post can be clicked, usually.

The current macro society is not predisposed to small, human scale, agriculture. Case in point:

Judge Rules Against Farmer in Raw Milk Case

“(AP) A judge has ruled that a state law prohibiting the sale of raw milk does not violate an Amish dairy farmer's religious beliefs and has ordered him not to sell unlabeled milk from his farm.

“Arlie Stutzman, who owns a herd of 27 cows near Mount Hope, in northeast Ohio, appeared in court June 30 to protest a law that he says violates his religious beliefs because it prohibits him from sharing milk he produces with others.

“Judge Thomas D. White wrote that Stutzman may give his unpasteurized milk away to people in need, but may not accept money for it.

"Calling the compensation for milk a 'donation' is clearly a subterfuge to skirt the requirements of the law," White wrote in his decision issued Friday...”

If you haven’t read the following story yet, consider doing so. It has to do with the human side of reaction to slaughterhouses:

ISKCON devotee survived amidst the bombs in Mumbai

"I was confused as to what to do, I was shivering and my whole body was trembling; I immediately called up 100 (Police Helpline) I informed the police who attended the call, since this was the first bomb that exploded he was shocked when I said that there is a bomb blast..."

"At the present moment, so-called civilized men do not sacrifice animals to a deity in a religious or ritualistic way. They openly kill animals daily by the thousands for no purpose other than the satisfaction of the tongue. Because of this the entire world is suffering in so many ways. Politicians are unnecessarily declaring war, and according to the stringent laws of material nature, massacres are taking place between nations.”

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