Monday, July 17, 2006

No Cow Picture Today

I wanted to post a picture of a cow today, so headed up the road towards Sudhanu and Lajjavati’s house. I wanted a current picture, but no cows were in the part of the pasture I went by so nada. So no, the title of the post is not in reference to the fact I changed my profile photo from a cow to what it is today. That is part of some tinkering I have been doing in my rut of a blog to make me feel like I am preparing for the upcoming One Year Anniversary of clogging up my archives.

To get to a true half-mile (800 meters) on my walk, I had to go past Sudhanu’s, where I had been turning around, and over the hump towards Tejomaya’s. My rough, unverified step count got me almost to this slip in the road. It slipped two winters ago when we had the record setting rain that resulted in the Ohio River flooding twice. The State Road has fixed some slips on Palace Road, but not this one yet. There were over 400 slips that winter in Marshall County and they have a limited budget.

In order to facilitate traffic, they erected this sign to avoid accidents. I think this is what needs to happen to devotees. They need to be aware that if they think cow protection is unimportant, or the responsibility of someone else or some institution, but, bottom line, not their problem, then they need to Yield To Oncoming Traffic. Because the cycle with the gurukulis we see playing out is going to happen with cows.

If they don’t yield, this may be their fate.


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