Sunday, July 09, 2006

On A Distant Ridge: Cows

If you drink milk, somewhere, in objective reality, there is(are) a cow(cows) who fed you, acknowledge it or not. This view is from my front yard. The black dots across the road between the trees are old cows still alive after kirtanananda abandoned them in the early 90s. They are still alive due to the sacrifice of many devotees in New Vrindavan.

I buy my milk in the market, but support cow protection vicariously. Recently, I attended a wedding at ISCOWP, where Laxmi, daughter of life long cow protectors Balabhadra and Chayadev married Janaka Mahajan. Bir Krsishna Swami performed the fire sacrifice and some pictures can be found at his website. After the fire sacrifice, and the tying of the dhoti to sari,Balabhadra added some wrinkles to the ceremony by joining the new couple in an baby ox yoke. They also exchanged sweets from Estonia and Hawaii, where they each originated.

Some of the wedding guests were devotees who vicariously support cow protection by adopting and supporting cows cared for by ISCOWP. The opportunity for vicarious cow protection is available for anyone, so no excuses, prahbus.


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