Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fountains of Soda and Wee

So supposing everyone who read my blog entry on avoiding sodas stopped drinking them. What to do with the stock left on hand? Here is a great idea:

Soda and Mentos Fountains

"We were just on both Late Night With David Letterman and The Today Show. Dave picked us for his Big Show Highlight and you can see the segment at the Late Show web site at Late Show Highlights (click on the thumbnail of us on the right column).
And the Today Show piece (though not the interview) is at Today Show (scroll down and click on "Fizz fountain! Mentos and Diet Coke."

We’d like to thank the folks at for their help. Our video has been seen over 4 million times in the past three weeks alone! It’s been a wild ride -- thanks again to everyone who’s come along with us!..."

But for those who drink sodas, or any liquid, there is an inevitable bodily reaction. Since I am on the platform of annamya I am fascinated by these things.

"In Krsna, Srila Prabhupada explains the five levels of ego covering the self: "Within the body there are five different departments of existence, known as anna-maya, prana-maya, mano-maya, vijnana-maya, and at last ananda-maya. [These are enumerated in the Brahmananda-valli of the Taittiriya Upanisad.] In the beginning of life, every living entity is food conscious. A child or an animal is satisfied only by getting nice food. This stage of consciousness, in which the goal is to eat sumptuously, is called anna-maya. Anna means 'food.' After this one lives in the consciousness of being alive. If one can continue his life without being attacked or destroyed, one thinks himself happy. This stage is called prana-maya, or consciousness of one's existence. After this stage, when one is situated on the mental platform, that consciousness is called mano-maya. The material civilization is primarily situated in these three stages -- annamaya, prana-maya and mano-maya. The first concern of civilized persons is economic development, the next concern is defense against being annihilated, and the next consciousness is mental speculation, the philosophical approach to the values of life."

SB 10.87.17

So the following article has all the elements that appeal to me in my stage of consciousness -- urine, soccer, and the environment:

There's just a wee problem

"Here we go, there we go ...

It has so far been a near-perfect success - with brilliant stadiums, a chilled-out atmosphere and a near-total absence of hooligans. The only thing the organisers of the World Cup appear to have got wrong is the number of toilets provided. Biologists have warned that trees in Berlin are in danger of dying because of male fans urinating in the bushes. The huge, leafy 'fan mile' in the centre of the city has regularly been attracting crowds of up to 700,000 who have gathered to drink beer, eat sausages and watch games on giant screens - but it only has 280 portable loos. 'The urea sinks into the ground as ammonia. In small quantities this is a good fertiliser, but too much acidity is bad for the soil and could damage or even kill the trees,' warns Tilman Lamparter, a biologist at Berlin's Free University."


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