Sunday, April 09, 2006

Outed as a Mayavadi; How To Be Creative

My last post, a Chinese poem from the 7th century, may have struck some as Mayavadi. Perhaps I am one. I don't think I am, but the power of illusion is sooo strong. If you were troubled by it, please click through to my blog and read the comments section on the poem. I hope I don't come off as just trying to cover my butte.

I am attracted to poetry, and try to find poems that demostrate some aspect of Krsna. This is a highly subjective process, and certainly makes me an easy target, but I really don't care anymore. :-) Still, I can always come up with some left brain rationalization for every choice I make and how it relates to Krsna.

On a related but separate note, a great website with 30 guidelines to go by if you do feel some creative urge, can be found at How To Be Creative.


14. Dying young is overrated.

I've seen so many young people take the "Gotta do the drugs and booze thing to make me a better artist" route over the years. A choice that was neither effective, healthy, smart, original or ended happily.


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