Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Harvard to Add Study of India to Curriculum

Harvard University proposes India as its latest subject

"Visiting India as part of a Harvard university faculty delegation, led by Harvard president Lawrence H Summers, Bloom was recently quoted by the Times of India, as saying, "Harvard knows about ancient India, the teaching of the Vedas, colonial Indian and its struggle for independence. What we want to study now is the modern India, its aggressive economic rise, its multi-cultural society and its brilliant people. There is a huge need to study modern India if we want to know the 21st century world..."

"Now Harvard University, America's oldest place of learning, will soon have India as a subject. Just as students opt to study law or economics, students at Harvard will be able to select India as their study subject as India is soon to be the new listing on its wide array of study subjects. Teachers for this subject will include visiting faculty members such as Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Gardiner professor of history at Harvard Sugata Bose and Harvard Business School professor Tarun Khanna.

Announcing this in India, Harvard University president, Lawrence H. Summers said the university was "working towards building a program especially on India, the subcontinent and South Asia studies," with the aim to "strengthen and increase our knowledge on the country, which is fast becoming a super-power."..."


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