Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rudy's Address in Bolivia

Rudy grew up in New Vrindaban. I had the privilege of coaching him in spring league soccer, as he was close to my middle son’s age. After he graduated from high school, the three of us played on the same team in a summer adult league. He went on to college and is now on a break. The following is from an email sent out by his sister.

Hari bol! I just wanted to let all the devotees know, in case any don't, what's happening with Aniruddha (Rudy). He's finished his 2 month Peace Corp training in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and is now at his post in Okinawa, Bolivia, where he will be for 2 years!

If anyone wants to write him, his address is:

Aniruddha Logan
Cuerpo de Paz (Santa Cruz Field Office)
Casilla # 3998
Santa Cruz
South America

Also, I want to send him a DVD of his friends and family back here in NV, so if anyone wants to say anything to him on the DVD, please let me know. My phone # is (note from blogger: leave a comment and I will get you the phone #).

Hari bol!
Have a great day!
Ys, Rati Manjari dasi


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