Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rationalizing Nonattainment of Goal

Had a second session with Sakya Rasa and finished the first publishable version of the Great Wheel metaphor. He really did a great job with it, IMHO. I have the file saved on my hard drive, and want to show it, but I can’t figure out how to get it into my blog yet. I can’t find a way to have only a portion of a post on the opening page, linking to the balance on its own page. If you go to the Archives, and click on an older post, you will see that it does come up as a separate page, so that side is there, but don’t know how to only use a portion of the post to link to that separate page. The jpg is too big to fit on the opening page and still be able to read the text.

So I had been trying to do a quick study about creating a website and putting it up somewhere else and then link to it that site. That was an interesting side trip, but not a quick fix. I can see I need to spend some time learning how to make a web site. I do have Front Page and had a bit of a tutorial on it a year or more ago and remember thinking I had grasped the general idea and the basics of creating one, but soon found this time round I have forgotten everything. I imagine it will come back when I get deeper into it, but that won’t happen fast enough.

The issue of where to have the website hosted on no budget came up. So I abandoned how to make a website and started to think about where. Amongst other options I checked out Geocities but the ads are so annoying I gave up on that. the other places cost money.

Today, I followed a lead to a site that allegedly offers free photo hosting. The problem was instead of figuring out how to register and upload the Great Wheel .jpg, I went off on a tangent viewing pictures of rural decay. Which I ended up downloading a lot of photos for a new idea but that didn’t help with my current challenge of showing the Great Wheel, which is why all I have to post today is this boring ramble. Sorry.

Potential Picture Hosting Site with Lots of Photos


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