Monday, August 15, 2005

Superbugs Found in Chicken -- Survey

Most devotees know why we don't eat chicken (for those who have forgotten, see end of this post) but here is yet another reason:

"Significant numbers of chickens on sale in UK shops are contaminated with superbugs, a scientific survey commissioned by BBC One's Real Story suggests. Of the British-grown chickens analysed, over half were contaminated with multi-drug resistant E.coli which is immune to the effects of three or more antibiotics. More than a third of the 147 samples, which included overseas and UK produced chicken, had E.coli germs resistant to the important antibiotic Trimethaprim which is used to treat bladder infections. The Health Protection Agency scientists testing the meat also found 12 chickens had antibiotic resistant Campylobacter. And VRE, or Vancomycin Resistant Enteroccci, were in 1 in 25 of the samples, although more tests would be needed to confirm the exact type of the bug found. "

Full Story on Antibiotic Resistance in Chickens

And of course the main reason devotees don't eat chicken ...........

It has eggs in it!


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