Friday, August 12, 2005

Strict diet program may help prostate cancer (study)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A strict vegetarian diet combined with relaxation therapy and exercise may be able to control slow-growing prostate cancer, researchers said on Thursday. Diet guru Dr. Dean Ornish said his vegan diet program, which some studies have suggested can reverse heart disease, also seemed to halt the progression of prostate cancer.

Tests on middle-aged and elderly men who had opted to watch indolent prostate tumors rather than treat them suggested the program slowed the growth of their cancers, Ornish said. "This is not the definitive study, but it certainly advances the field and it adds new information about how powerful these simple changes can be," Ornish said in a telephone interview.

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Comment : Talk about subject drift. Devotees are starting to get old enough that a whole new range of topics becomes of interest by necessity. Problems that seemed insurmountable in our twenties have faded into memory, replaced with new ones. I know devotees with prostate cancer and enlarged prostate. Yeah, I know, we are not our bodies, but our bodies are our bodies and do need some attention. Hopefully the younger devotees will take better care of themselves. Chant, dance, and cut back on the opulent prasadam.

"I do not know what you are eating, but the eating program should be nutritious and simple, not luxurious. That means capatis, dahl, vegetables, some butter, some fruits and milk. This is necessary for keeping good health. But we should not indulge in sweetballs or halevah or like that daily. Too much first-class eating may stimulate our sex desires, especially sweet preparations. Anyway, eat Krishna Prasadam, but be careful that we may not indulge in luxury. For Krishna we can offer the most beautiful preparations, but for us Prasadam should be very simple."

Letter to: Gargamuni -- London 20 November, 1969

Early years, worry about stimulation, later years worry about prostate, same diet for both problems :-)


At 9:57 AM, Blogger Manjari said...

Good Morning,

How you feeling?

So whats up with all this KC stuff? Prabhu quotes. Are you getting all Krishna, GonHoe. Going to Mongal Arteak. ( Not Sure the Spelling)

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Madhava Gosh said...

I am feeling fine if I stay sedentary which goes against my grain but have to play the hand I'm dealt.

I doubt anyone would consider me gungho. Don't go to Mangala arotik enough. Your spelling would read correctly enough for most devotees to know what you are refering to.


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