Monday, June 12, 2006

Morning Musings

Two ISKCON Youth buses just rolled past our house on the way to the temple. It is still hours before noon. They were arriving from New York where they had left after the NY Ratha Yatra. New York is more or less 9 hour drive from here. According to Chaits, who had stopped by with his brother Bhima last night, they will be retuning to New York and keep making round trips until all those needing rides from NYC to the Kulimela have been brought here. Some attendees are flying into NYC and then catching the bus.

Chaits is involved in planning activities for the children of those attending. My wife is going to be helping out by doing some craft class or classes and we have been Chaits’ mail drop for supplies. My daughter Vraja is staying with us, along with her other, Clint, and their daughter, Deva Gracie, age 2 and ½. Vraja is also going to be involved with the kids’ programs. Interesting thought that I had as a future blog digression that I will throw out as a premise. While we all know that gurukuli is no longer a synonym for second generation devotee or ISKCON youth, I was wondering one day if there are any gurukulis who are grandparents yet. As the oldest ones are now in their 40s, it is possible. Chaits and I were discussing it and we know of at least one gurukuli who has children in their 20s.

Marken, who gave me 65% of his liver (I had been quoting 60% but he has corrected me) and his younger brother Tulasi are down in Morgantown furnishing the apartment they will be rooming together in the fall when classes at WVU start. Marken also has to finish signing up for more curriculum credits so he has enough to get his GI bill benefits. We had worried the operation might knock him off his schedule of being out of the US Navy Aug 5 and starting classes at WVU in mid-August but it seems his quick recovery and the Navy letting his emergency medical leave count towards his commitment, he is going to make it.

Anyway, I know no one in Australia will be reading this when it first posts as their national team’s first appearance in the World Cup in 32 years is being broadcast as I type.


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