Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Milking Time at New Vrindavan in the 1970s

Link to picture of me milking a cow.

Laxmi Honest called me the other day and mentioned she had seen a picture of me at the New Vrindavan website photo gallery, so I found it. I didn't used to milk that much, as I was the fields and crops guy, but did help on occasion.

The devotees in the picture from left to right are Ambarish, me, Cirantana, and Ganendra. Ambarish and Cirantana have already left their bodies. As will have the cows, which have a life span of 20 years possibly and were probably gone by the time the 90s rolled around.

Having a bit of an off day so making an easy post.


At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Soundsnatcher said...

Hello, M.G.

So that is what the younger you looked like. You are still younger than me, I think.

poetryx (plagiarist, if you will) is dying on the vine, alas - more spam than poetry. My friends - you, for instance - are there no longer. It's very lonesome.

I hope you are well. You are in my thoughts.

Soundsnatcher (Jeffrey Barnes)

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Madhava Gosh said...

Nice to hear from you.

Too bad about poetryx. As my energies slowly ebbed, I had to withdraw from many things I used to do. The forum was already being a bit overrun by teenagers and over sensitive neophytes who needed parenting and after going through that with 5 kids I didn't have the juice to do it anymore in what used to be quite a creative place.

I need to get writing again and find a forum with some intelligent critiquing. Bit down the pike just yet. Little benchmarks like being able to clear my throat litter my immediate future.

They have free polka every Wednesday afternoon at the Wheeling Island race track nearby and someday when I again have discretionary energy, I hope to check it out. Hope your musical life is still fulfilling for you.


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