Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pastimes and Futuretimes

Yesterday there was a link to a picture of a pregnant Manjari. Now, through the magic of jumping back into the present, here is a picture of the baby, Sydney. Since it is Krishna's birthday, and we don't have any photos of Him as an infant -- cameras not being invented for another 5,000 years -- I substituted an infant photo I did have.

Here is a link to something I did about a year ago. Well, I had the idea and Sakya Rasa actually did it. I posted it back in the days no one was reading my blog. Thought I’d post it again. The idea is to demonstrate the concept of transcending. How transcending is in addition to what it transcends, not instead of it. If I were to do it again, I would have it made in a continuous spiral, rather than concentric circles. Or maybe not.

Great Wheel Metaphor

You might have to click on the picture to see it full size, maybe the lower right hand corner.

Another thing I have been playing with is getting together an type blog aggregator for New Vrindavan, fed by New Vrindavan devotees, so residents, alumni, life members, and well wishers could feel a better sense of participation. If I wasn’t technologically challenged, I could do it myself, probably, but do need it to be a team effort, since I am. I have floated the idea around and have some positive feedback so it may happen. I am remarking on it today as it is supposed to be good to start things on Janmastami, so this would be its first float out on the internet.

Once there was a baby
with markings on His feet
He came to manifest
His pastimes oh so sweet.

Villagers adored Him,
the cows loved Him as well;
now there are the stories,
for you to hear and tell.


At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Shyam Pandey said...

Your dream to start a New vrindaban blog will come true soon but its just a matter of I said I am totally committed to it after the hurdles get cleared.


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