Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bharat Rekha in America

ISKCON is represented in the book Bharat Rekha in America. New Vrindavan's Palace of Gold is pitured as one of 53 featured temples.

"It is a Unique book with excellent photographic and text coverage of 53 Hindu Temples of USA. It presents interesting and exciting information on traditional and rare Temples. The Author is the first INDIAN ever to bring out a book on Hindu Temples of USA.

This Book is intended to serve the following objectives.

Directory of Hindu Temples with all coordinates and information.

An aid to decision making on future construction of Temples in USA.

Will strengthen even further the already existing socio-Cultural relationship between Persons of Indian Origin in USA AND Resident Indians.

The Book is an excellent presentation to International Standards in Multi Color with Hard top and Jacket Cover in A4 size, 200 plus in pages and carrying rare and large pictures of Temples and Deities."


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