Sunday, April 23, 2006

Waiting For The Dawn

Today was one of those rare days I woke up before the birds started singing, and it was still dark as pitch, the 4th quarter moon having already set. I was chanting some japa to pass the time. There was a thunderstorm and about every time I would start to doze off, a lightning bolt would strike somewhere and the clap of thunder would awaken me. Eventually, the earliest birds started singing, and soon thereafter the blackness subtly changed to a dark gray, the brahma muhurta hour was in full swing.

This past week was a turning point. I finally finished jumping through the hoops I needed to in order to be officially listed on the liver transplant list. This was a process that started last July when my specialist told me I had passed the tipping point and needed one. There were referrals, getting the medical aid lined up, all that sort of stuff, which took months. Over the last 6 weeks it has been an unrelenting barrage of interviews, testing, and procedures.

The last step was getting clearance from a dentist that all my teeth and gums were in good shape. The reason being that if a transplant was to actually transpire, they have to suppress my immune system to nothing and even a minor infection could become a serious problem. Dental work at that time is dangerous. I had to have a tooth pulled in order to get the nod from the dentist. Which needed to come out anyway. It was been bothering me for about a year, just in the hierarchy of discomfort that has been my lot, it wasn’t at the forefront. With limited resources and energy, I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Needless to say, all this has made me even more bodily conscious than usual, so I am looking forward to have some interests other than being screened for a while. Now the waiting begins for the possibility of a transplant. Two years waiting on the list is almost normal, and 20% of people on the list don’t survive the wait. You would think this would make me more serious about things, but I prefer to not live in fear, so perhaps more denial is involved in my day-to-day consciousness than I think. So no, I am about as frivolous as ever. Might as well have a few laughs in the meantime.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous satyahit das said...

hari bol Madhava Ghosh
satyahit das here who used to live round there for a year or so Old farm with Bhavisat,Lhadini dasi,old Y camnp down the hill with ex family. Bhibadhar friend..not many though . A man here had his daughter lie next to him on operating table & she gave 1/2 her liver to her dad who works regular for years.. hare krsna prabhu Been growing lima beans here in Hawaii they grow great as many things do . May move Alachua if i don't get deported otherwise Saranagati Jai Prabhupada !!!

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous satyahit d said...

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Madhava Gosh said...

From back in the day. Changed a lot since then.

Live donor livers are a possibility. Family relationship is not essential. Blood type compatability is. While there is some cross compatability, I am a Type O and can only receive a liver from another type O.

Even with blood compatability, only 1 of 3 potential donors are accepted. It can be as simple as size - the donor may have a liver too small to work in the receipient. Plus they do a complete health screening. The donor must be in absolutely good shape - strong heart, no cancers, no diseases the receipient doesn't have. Strong immune system, alll that. A screening by a social worker and a psychologist to make sure the donor fully understands, and will be able to cope with, all the dangers and ramifications of their decision. And are not doing it out of guilt or extortion.

Plus the donor needs to be able to go offline from their regular life for up to 6 months. Not a casual decision. What to speak of a huge scar :-)

Stop by for a visit if you come this side.


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