Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kulimela Band; Psychiatric Callback.

Chaits sent a link to a band's website. They will be playing at the Kulimela June 16 - 18. They were raised in New Vrindavan, though they haven't lived here for quite some time.

I had a follow-up visit in Pittsburgh at UPMC yesterday. It was a callback by a psychiatrist. As part of the original 4 day screening, I had had a meeting with one already, and thought it had gone well, so the callback made me nervous. Had I joked around too during the seemingly endless stream of interviews representing all the facets of the transplant team? Had I talked too much about the temporary nature of the body? Was it something I said about having lived a full life and everything from here out was just extra anyway?

Actually, it was none of that. Turns out it was a routine callback that most patients get, they just hadn’t mentioned it was going to happen. It was mainly about compliance with postoperative protocols. Not treating infections casually, immediately reporting any change in status, coming in for all the follow-up blood work. That sort of thing; especially important was taking all the pills as scheduled. For the rest of a transplant patient’s life, really, adherence is not option. Since livers are scarce, they don’t want to waste one on somebody who will lose determination. They didn’t say that about the scarce livers, but for every 4 patients who come off the list by getting a transplant, 1 goes off by the sould leaving the body while waiting and not receiving one. so it is easy to read between the lines. Of course, all my readers are registered donors, right?

Anyway, not much I can do about supply. (Irony alert! Irony alert!) Though getting involved in a group working for the repeal of motorcycle helmet laws could help, assuming they get what they want.


At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh....if I had an extra liver I would give it to you....but to do my part I never wear a helmet!...ed

At 7:42 PM, Blogger txchic57 said...

I would as well.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Madhava Gosh said...

Thanks for the moral support guys. I appreciate it. I will assume it is meant figuratively, and take the offer as such. I do have my own karma to face, and transcend as it grinds inevitably towards whatever is meant to happen. It is nice to know that I haven't managed to piss off EVERYBODY I have met in my life.

I would guess you weren't familiar with the living donor program and the two lobe configuration of the liver. They say a removed lobe will regrow itself in 6 weeks. Cutting edge technology (pun intended). Most people wouldn't be a match.

I will take your kind gestures as meant to be applied on the spiritual platform, where I need planty of help.


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