Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gurukulis in the Military

Bhima is a gurukuli who lived in New Vrindavan. He is the son of Sankara and Dhanakali. He was the youngest of five kids, Chaits being the oldest. He has choosen a career path in the military as a search and rescue specialist. He has had postings all over the world and is currently serving with the Alaskan Air National Guard. Recently he had some notice in the Anchorage Daily News about one of the rescues he participated in.

"After circling for hours over socked-in Bear Lake Glacier on Monday, the helicopter carrying Alaska Air National Guard pararescuer Ben Walker finally caught a break in the weather, dropped in and lowered Walker and his partner to the deep powder snow..."

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At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Chaits said...

Hurray for Bhima! Our hero! The Vaishava name he received seems to have fortold his path in life.

For clarification, Bhima is referred to by his legal name, Ben Walker, in the article.

Minor correction: Dhanakali is spelled Danakeli. It is a name that refers to "the tax collecting pastime between Krishna and the Gopis in Vrndavan." :)


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