Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Six Blind Men and the Elephant

You understand the sun planet from here. You are seeing the sun planet, that's a fact, but that does not mean you know what is actually the sun planet is, because you have no access to approach there. You may speculate, that's all. Speculation means the blind man seeing the elephant. Somebody thought, "Oh, it is just like a pillar." Yes. Big, big legs. Somebody understood the trunk. Somebody understood the ears, elephant. There is a story, some blind men studying the elephant. So they were giving different conclusions. Somebody: "The elephant is just like a pillar." Somebody says, "Elephant is just like big boat." Somebody is... Somebody is... But actually what is elephant, if you have no eyes to see, you can go on speculating. Therefore it is here said that pusann apavrnu. "Please uncover the covering. Then I can see You."

Sri Isopanisad, Mantra 13-15 -- Los Angeles, May 18, 1970

Full versions of The Six Blind Men and the Elephant:

Buddhist Version
Jain Version
Hindu Version
Simple Version with Teaching Guide for Children


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