Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Reason to Not Eat at Fast Food Places

I guess never say never but ethical and moral qualms about the corporate culture that produces fast foods generally keep me from ever eating at those places, even the vegetarian foods. Not to say I never have or never will, but it's been a long time and no visits in the foreseeable future. I can imagine circumstances when I am away from home and pressed for time that I might go and get a baked potato or something. Still, these days, traveling has pretty much become a relic of my past, so no need. I can always make it home and have some kitcherie or a sandwich or whatever.

Even when I was in the hospital last spring, my wife was smuggling in healthy foodstuffs, and when I used to travel, I would take some dried fruit and nuts along to at least get the day off to a healthy start.

Besides the corporate cultural issues, there are also the health issues. Even the shakes are nothing but a concoction of chemicals, the salad dressings are loaded with fat, etc. The following is a link to another angle that even I hadn't thought of.

Fast-Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water:

"Jasmine Roberts never expected her award-winning middle school science project to get so much attention. But the project produced some disturbing results: 70 percent of the time, ice from fast food restaurants was dirtier than toilet water..."


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